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Things I have found which amuse me

Fear tactics

Sometimes I think the world has gone mad.

Does this label imply that all other drink bottles contain leaded plastic?! What will we have next – Cyanide-free Weet Bix?

Girls have more stuff

I just want to say that women just have more stuff. Here is the state of our dressing table right now, you can just see my stuff in the corner there if you look closely but look at my wife’s stuff – handbags and hats and jewellery oh my!

Cheap Batteries

Really cheap batteriesI bought some AAA batteries, $2 for a pack of 24. At that price you just know they have to suck.

Check out the colour scheme. We wouldn’t be trying to imitate a well known battery brand here by any chance ?

And look! they even have a fake battery tester strip. It’s just printed on the side.

And no, they did not last very long. I don’t think they are even alkalines.