Adam Brody – dirty spammer ?

Hey, its my first blog entry about blogging!!

Blog comment spam is nothing new, I get about 30 per day but a couple of strange blog comments over the last week have made me pause, such as this one from someone called Adam Brody:

I Googled for something completely different,
but found your page...and have to say thanks. nice read....

I initially thought it was a genuine comment but a couple of things made me suspicious:

  1. There was no email address given
  2. The comment was for my vanity page which has the comment feature turned off
  3. The wording was a bit vague, normally people give some idea of why they like my site or which article they are commenting about

I must say I approved the comment the first time, but when I got a second one, I checked my logs. Turns out whoever posted the comment didn’t even look at my site and the IP address matches some other comment spam I have recently received.

Then I checked Google and sure enough, there are loads of people’s blogs with exactly the same comment.

Due to the lack of links for porn sites, loan sharks or drug pushers, this would appear to be simply aimed at promoting the spammer’s own website and getting a little revenue from the Google ads therein. I don’t mind promoting genuine people’s sites but a vague comment cross-posted to every blog in sight is not something a genuine person would do.


While reading up on this a little, I found another theory from Pascal van Hecke that these posts are an attempt to manipulate my blog’s whitelist so future spams can evade detection. Not a bad thought.