Free software, music and videos

Here are some things I have made for you…


A simple Windows program to let your kids have fun typing without messing up your PC.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

Simple Slideshow

This is the simplest slide show application for Windows you have ever seen. Guaranteed.

CLICK HERE to check it out.


MultiComp is a free Windows utility you can download. It verifies the accuracy of a file copy. It is very useful for checking CDs you have just burnt, at least that’s what I use it for.

CLICK HERE to get this useful tool.

The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T.

This is the band I used to play in with Jasper Russell. We stopped a while back so there is no new music forthcoming but you can still download several of our songs and video clips (for free of course) by clicking the following links:

Download Music

Download Videos